Mr. Bob Benway, Previous Head of Engineering (2012 - 2018)

Mr. Benway is a retired Air Force engineer. His time in the military taught him discipline and respect, yet he is a friendly and passionate teacher who oversees the Governorís Academy of Engineering. He directly teaches Honors Physics and Junior Seminar. In participating in any extracurriculars you will likely see him overseeing the vast array of engineering oriented clubs that the engineering path hosts as well as at any number of engineering events and activities. If you need any information or advice Mr. Benway is always there to lend a hand to current and prospective students.

Dr. Bruce Davies, Co-Director Chesterfield County Makerspace

Dr. Bruce Davies is a retired neuroscientist who has taken charge of the Makerspace, an open to the public lab of high-tech laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines which are at the disposal of the Engineering and Capstone students. He will aid students in the completion of their projects and provide important training of the use of soon to be vital devices. He is also heavily involved with FIRST Robotics and is important in the construction of the robots.

Mr. Otis Gallion, Woodworking Instructor, Bird Wild Ones Step Team Sponsor

Mr. Gallion is a skilled craftsman who after teaching the use of machinery to Engineers and craftsmen at Philip Morris has devoted his career to L.C.Bird. He teaches woodworking classes and co-teaches Capstone to provide students with the practical skills they need to realize their plans. He likes his students to be motivated and respectful, seeking those who do what needs to be done to finish the job, but he is as artistic as he is logical as a singer/dancer. When not on the stage or building one, he enjoys playing card games.

Ms. J'von Holly, Head of Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Club Sponsor

Mrs. Holly is the biomedical engineering teacher, teaching courses and material designed to prepare students for the ever expanding junction of technology and biology. As the head of Biomedical Engineering Club she will help aspiring doctors and bioengineers complete projects and lead discussions. In her free time she enjoys travelling, reading and spending time with her family.

Dr. B. Ellen Johnson, AP Physics C and Engineering Algebra 2 Teacher

Dr. Johnson worked for 10 years doing strategic research for Mobil Oil Corporation in the areas of gasoline performance, refinery operation, and engine friction. She is an accomplished teacher who also assists in FIRST Robotics. She has a high expectation of the students in her classroom and is looking for intelligent mind to mold so that they may grow into fine professionals in the future. Her AP Physics C class will prepare students for a core course in college engineering curriculum. She enjoys travelling to far away and exotic places to have adventures and satisfy her curiosity.

Mrs. Tricia Raybould, Engineering Chemistry Teacher

In addition to standard high school chemistry Mrs. Raybould teaches engineering chemistry, which prepares students interested in the field of chemical or biochemical engineering. She aspires to molding the minds of students that work hard and try their best.

Mr. Dave Saunders, Architectural Engineering Teacher

Dave Saunders is responsible for teaching the arts of technical drawing and architectural design to young students who chose the architecture class in the engineering program. He is skilled with wood working and spends free time reading. Mr. Sanders wants his class to give their fullest effort, and believes this will lead them to success.

Mrs. Peggy Scholtes, Engineering Biology Teacher

Mrs. Scholtes is a fun loving and passionate teacher. She is notable for both her awesome pair of light up sketchers and for her commitment to the values of Bird and the engineering program. No one can match her commitment to her students or to the school as a whole.

Mr. Helmut Thielsch, Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering, and Senior Seminar Teacher

Mr. Thielsch is a retired engineer well versed in many mathematical and physical sciences; just ask him how many types of steel there are. He teaches advanced mathematics and physics, with projects in his classes ranging from cardboard chairs to hovercrafts. He looks to develop bright young minds into intelligent and capable engineers. Come to his class well prepared and ready to learn.

Mrs. Shannon Tual, Head of Marketing Pathway, DECA Sponsor

Lead of both the marketing pathway and DECA, a co-curricular club available to those who take marketing pathway classes. She aims to teach motivated and hardworking students the marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation capstone classes. She loves to watch her students take on innovative projects that give back to their community. She is a Disney lover that spends her free time traveling, baking, and spending time with her family.

Mr. Steven Wagner, Aerospace and Fundamentals of Engineering Teacher

A retired engineer, Mr. Wagner teaches the freshman engineering courses, introducing students to the fundamentals of engineering and mechanical design. He is also the master of the Aerospace pathway. He emphasizes his 3 Rís in his prospective students: Respect, Responsibility and Readiness for class.

Mr. Darrin Zoller, Head of Graphic Design Pathway, NAHS and Photography Club Sponsor

Mr. Zoller is the artistic lead of the Governor's academy, teaching courses ranging from Graphic Design to Photography. Under Mr. Zoller one will learn the essential elements of aesthetic design, a key feature of many projects, which ties into both Marketing and Engineering. He is the sponsor of the National Art Honor Society, with whom he shares the photographs he takes on hikes or while fishing. When not creating art or teaching students he likes to read comic books.

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