The Marketing pathway is designed for motivated students, interested in a future in business or a related field. The program will provide a challenging learning environment for students who seek to develop and enhance their skills in project management, product innovation, advertising, team building, concept discovery, market analysis, 3D printing, and entrepreneurship. Are you the next Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerburg? Elon Musk? Then this class is for you!

Capstone is the final destination for students in the Marketing, Graphic Design, and Engineering pathways at the Governorís Academy for Engineering Studies. This course provides the students with opportunities to work together on an innovative project under faculty supervision.

L.C. Birdís CTE Department gives Marketing students the opportunity to explore:

  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Concept generation and testing
  • Market analysis
  • Prototyping using the 3D printer, laser cutter, and vinyl cutter
  • Field trips and guest speakers
  • What are we all about?

    Entrepreneurship class introduces students to the exciting world of creating, owning, and launching their own business. Students will learn concepts and techniques for planning an innovative business and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Students will acquire the skills to create their own toy using TinkerCAD and then printing their design in the MakerSpace on our 3D printers.

    Students in Innovation of Product Marketing will acquire, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to solve meaningful problems associated with product development or fulfilling a need in the community. Students in the picture above are pitching their product idea and explaining the Capstone class to another Virginia school district.

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