Welcome to the Lloyd C. Bird Makerspace!

The makerspace located in room 324 is a valuable tool for students to explore emerging interests in STEM related fields. Featuring multiple 3D printers, a CNC machine, and vinyl cutter, cutting edge machines that allow students to develop skills that will make them more marketable in the real world. L. C. Bird is the only high school in the county to have these amenities, making the makerspace a gem that truly makes L. C. Bird unique. The makerspace is also open the the pubic during the whole summer.

Hours of operation: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM, Tuesday - Thursday

For more advanced users, the CNC machine is capable of cutting extremely intricate designs into wood with a great degree of accuracy.

The 3D printer is limited only by your imagination. Almost any design that you can think of is possible. With some safety training, anything made in CAD can become a reality.

Like the CNC machine, the vinyl cutter is capable of etching elaborate designs very precisely. However this machine is to be used on vinyl only.

Elaborate designs come to life with the laser engraver using a very hot beam to etch patterns into select materials. With training from our in house training programs you will be able to operate this machine effectively.

With training, the TIG or MIG welder can be used to bind together aluminum and steel.

Contact Us

Mr. Bob Benway
Coordinator, Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies
Office: (804)-768-6110, ext. 3064
Fax: 804-768-6117

To contact staff, add @ccpsnet.net to the end of their email address.

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