Lloyd C. Bird High School provides a specialty program that allows students to explore a wide range of engineering fields while building an understanding of the core skills necessary to further his/her education in engineering. The academic curriculum is both rigorous and centered around lab experience to better prepare the student for a rapidly changing technologically based field.

What are we all about?

While attending the Governor's Academy for Engineering, students will be challenged by a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for college. We utilize project based learning and modern technology to prepare students for tomorrow's challenges.

Engineering is a field of study that uses math, science, art, and creativity to construct something useful. It's based around solving future challenges, such as creating new and renewable energy sources, building infrastructure, solving environmental issues, designing machines, and countless other things.

Contact Us

Mr. Bob Benway
Coordinator, Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies
Office: (804)-768-6110, ext. 3064
Fax: 804-768-6117

To contact staff, add @ccpsnet.net to the end of their email address.

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